Kabini Organics

  • MYKAPS was involved in  implementing a project of MYRADA namely; Kabini Organics from April, 2009 to March, 2012
  • MYKAPS was involved in promoting organic cotton cultivation in B.Matakere area with 1500 farmers  covering 4000 acres for a period of 3 years (2009 to 2012) with support from RaboBank Foundation, Netherlands with technical assistance from ETC India
  • The organic promotion activity has now been taken over by the producer company namely KOFPCL promoted by MYKAPS during the project period
  • The organic certification of the fields is done with support from IMO Control

 Savayava Bhagya Yojane

  • MYKAPS is implementing SBY project of Department of Agriculture in four villages covering 100 ha each in four Hobli’s of Nanjangud Taluk in Mysore District.
  • The fields are certified by Karnataka State Organic Certification Agency (KSOCA).
  • MYKAPS is assisting the farmers to sell their produce directly to the customers by organizing farmers mela’s, Exhibition etc with support from Agriculture Dept.

 Better Cotton Initiatives

  • The project was supported by Solidaridad Network Asia Limited, Hongkong up to 31st March 2015 which is now being financed by Fast Track Fund which promotes better cotton systems. 
  • The project is located in Hampapura area of H.D.Kote Taluk and Hediyala area of Nanjangud Taluk
  • The emphasis of the project is on decent work which includes, ensuring that the children are not used by the parents as labour in agriculture operations depriving their education and recreation rights of children along with other minimum production criteria such as crop protection, water, habitat and fibre quality
  • MYKAPS is identifying cotton ginners to ensure sale of cotton at farm gate in addition to procurement by KOFPCL
  • Various trainings are being imparted to the farmers under this project in technical and institution building aspects
  • 7107 farmers are participating in this project covering an area of 5505hectares as on 31st March, 2017
  • 204 learning groups have been promoted by both the Production Units namely; Hampapura and Hediyala
  • MYKAPS is recognized as an implementing Partner (IP) by Better Cotton Initiatives
  • KOFPCL, the producer company promoted by MYKAPS is licensed to gin better cotton procured from the Better Cotton farmers in Mysore District
  • The project has demonstrated that by following better cotton practices the cost of cultivation can be reduced by 39% as compared to control farmers by reducing use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • NABARD is providing supplementary assistance to this project under Farm Sector Promotion Fund for building the capacities of farmers by way of farmer’s training and conducting krishi melas.
  • The expected quantity of better cotton produced by the farmers covered by under this project is as below








 Integrated Tribal Development

  • MYKAPS is involved in integrated development of tribal families covering 849 families which aims at sustainable economic development through livestock based farming with assistance from NABARD
  • 849 tribal families have been assisted as on 30th June, 2015 for various income generating activities such as dairying, sheep rearing, goat rearing, bullock rearing, bullock cart, horticulture, floriculture, petty shop etc. A close follow up with provision of veterinary services and promotion of fodder as attributed to the success of the project. Along with asset creation the project also support promotion of local institutions such as village planning committee and Self Help Groups
  • MYKAPS has donated 11cents of land to Mysore Milk Union to construct a bulk milk cooler unit at Handpost, a centrally located place in H.D.Kote.  The unit collects about 10000lts of milk per day

 Watershed Development

  • MYKAPS has implemented watershed projects with support from NABARD and GoK namely Bhuthanahalla, Mahakalamma, Nugunala, Badaganala and Kudrehundihalla covering an area of 5275.34Ha
  • Treatment activities such as bunding, farm ponds, trench were taken under this project as a soil and water conservation measure in addition to livelihood support for landless families and community mobilization
  • MYKAPS was associated with IWMP in H.D.Kote Taluk covering an area of 5254.15hectares, a centrally sponsored scheme wherein MYKAPS is involved in social mobilization and promotion of institutions in the watershed area. The project is assisted by the Watershed Development Dept which was completed in June 2013
  • In Kodagu District, MYKAPS was involved in watershed development under Western Ghats Development Project in Virajpet Taluk covering 4 grama panchayats namely; Bittangala, Rudraguppe, Hathur and Kalathmadu.

 Mission Sunehra Kal

  • MYKAPS is mobilizing grants from ITC assisted MSK project under their corporate social responsibility. The project is termed as soil and moisture conservation project.
  • The various activities carried out under this project are rejuvenation of tanks, establishment of NADEP unit, construction of cattle troughs, Agro forestry etc.,
  • The major break-through under this project is tank rejuvenation work wherein, project supports desilting of tanks and the farmers are involved in transporting the silt to their fields which has high nutrient value. A Tank Improvement Committee is being established in the area of each tank to ensure future maintenance of the tank. These TUGs are also involved in running Agri-business centers and fuel wood depots to support the farmers.
  • 159 tanks have been rejuvenated by MYKAPS as on 31st March, 2017
  • MYKAPS has also promoted coco pith production units in villages namely; Melur, Telaginakuppe, Byadarabilaguli in Periyapatna Taluk and Yelehundi in H.D.Kote Taluk where quality coco pith is produced and sold at competitive rates as an income generation activity for SHGs and TUGs

 Integrated Domestic Water Management

MYKAPS has implemented Integrated Domestic Water Management Project with support from Arghyam foundation in two villages namely; B.Matakere SC/ST Colony and Nemmanahally


 Swachcha Bharath

MYKAPS is involved in ITC Ltd. assisted project in core villages of ILTD in H.D.Kote and Periyapatna Taluks since the year 2014-15. About 869 household toilets were constructed under this project as on 31st March, 2017. The project pre-finances the beneficiaries for construction of household toilets. The amount is recovered on receipt of subsidy from Grama Panchayat. Child Friendly Toilets in Pre-Schools and School toilets are also constructed under this project. Awareness sessions such as street play, training of sAg members, school children and wall paintings are also part of this project to enhance village sanitary conditions.

MYKAPS is assisting families in Halebeedu and Hussainpura GPs since the year 2016-17 by supplementing them to enhance the quality of construction by providing additional assistance for laying ceramic glazed tiles, proper door and tank to the toilet with support from JK Tyres under their CSR Project. As on 31st March, 2017, 285 toilets have been constructed, more will be constructed during 2017-18 to achieve 100% ODF.

MYKAPS is also involved in urban sanitation to improve sanitary conditions in Mysore City Limits. As on 31st March, 2017, 86 toilets have been constructed and it is planned to construct 148 toilets during 2017-18. The project is jointly supported by JK Tyres and Mysore City Corporation.

 Village Sanitation

MYKAPS is promoting village sanitation by way construction of toilets and bathrooms in H.D.Kote, Nanjangud and Hunsur Taluks with assistance from Soroptimist International. The volunteers from UK and within the country are involved in construction of these toilets in selected villages under International Citizen Services (ICS) program of Raleigh International.

MYKAPS is constructing toilets in tribal hadis in Hunsur Taluk with financial assistance from donors namely; Soroptimist International and PORISTES Stiftung, Switzerland. The entire hadi is covered with sanitation facilities achieving 100% open defecation free hadis. 280 families are being covered under this project. The project is also assisting for construction of bathrooms.

 Eco Sanitation

MYKAPS has promoted about 700 eco sanitary toilets. These toilets require minimum water for maintenance and the human excreta can be utilized as compost manure which is stored in concrete chambers which can be used as manure when it is decomposed. The urine can be used immediately by diluting with water for kitchen gardening which has NPK required for plants.
 Rainwater Harvesting
MYKAPS has promoted rainwater harvesting systems in individual houses in a remote village namely; Gandathur in H.D.Kote Taluk wherein, 155 families own and use rainwater harvesting systems for their domestic water requirements since the year 2006.

 Water Quality Assurance and Surveillance

MYKAPS is involved in training of GP functionaries such as Secretary, President, Vice President, Waterman, Pre-school Workers, ANMs and teachers in districts namely; Mandya, Hassan, Chamarajanagar and Mysore
 Health Camps
  • MYKAPS is involved in conducting eye camps with support from Arvind Eye Hospital, Coimbatore and Govt. Hospitals.
  • General health camps are also conducted with support from Bharath Cancer Hospital, Mysore
  • MYKAPS conducts training in RCH to the members of Self Help Groups in project such as TDF
  • MYKAPS has conducted training for women in menstrual hygiene assisted by Procter & Gamble which was followed by opening of outlets to enable women to access sanitary napkins.
  • MYKAPS has donated two acres of land to the High School in Handpost, a centrally located place. The high school building has been constructed with assistance from Zilla Panchayat Mysore
  • MYKAPS is conducting awareness sessions in schools regarding Decent Work and the ill effects of application of excessive pesticides by the farmers in their field for raising cotton cultivation thereby reduce use of pesticides.

 Youth Development

 International Citizen Services
  • MYKAPS was involved in a program for development of youth particularly from rural areas with assistance of Raleigh India Trust.
  • The program was conducted for a period of three months for every batch of youth consisting of equal number of internationals and local youths
  • These volunteers are trained by MYKAPS in participatory planning methods, SHG concept, health awareness and in construction of eco-san toilets. The learnings from the training are practiced by them in the village.
  • They also conduct health camps in villages by engaging services of doctors from Swamy Vivekananda Youth Movement or Bharath Cancer Hospital.
  • They were also involved in implementing a project in the selected village during their stay in the village such as village sanitation, repair of bore well platform, tree planting etc.

 Skills Training

A skill training has been proposed by MYKAPS at JDCIDOR with assistance from Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD) through Laurus EduTech.  70 boys and girls undergo training for a period of three months in hotel management out which 50% are residential students.
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